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Modular homes are becoming increasingly popular as an efficient housing option these days. There are many advantages in modular home construction, the best one being the speed of construction itself. Other advantages include the use of quality materials in the manufacturing process, availability of many customization options, the presence of varied designs; the list is endless. If you are planning to build a modern modular home for your family and are confused on the type of window to be used, you can read ahead to know the various types of windows that can be used in modern modular homes.

Single Hung Windows

This type of window features a movable lower lash. The problem with this window model is that only the lower lash is movable. You can open only the lower lash of the window for natural ventilation. This window type costs less than many other modular home window models and can be a good option for your modular home if you are okay with only the lower lash being movable.

Double Hung Windows

In this type of window model, both the sashes are movable. These sashes can be moved up or down to let natural air and light flow into your house. The chances of an air leak at the sashes are more in the case of double hung windows, making it less energy efficient than the single hung windows. In addition, you will not be able to install tight weather stripping to these windows, as they need to be opened and closed.

Slider Windows

This window type is very much similar to the single and double hung windows. However, in the case of slider windows, the sash slides horizontally whereas the sashes in single and double hung windows slide vertically. Installing slider windows to modern modular homes will offer a more contemporary appearance to the home. In addition, these windows offer good energy efficiency to the home.

Casement Windows

Casement windows offer very good energy efficiency and thus a great return on investment when compared to the other popular window models. In this type of modular home window, the sash will be cranked out to open the window. The sash will be cranked shut tightly to offer an airtight seal to minimize air leakage. However, the problem with this window model is that as the sash opens out, it can pose danger if placed near to pathways around the home.