3 Tips to Prevent Water Damage in Modern Modular Homes

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Modern Modular Homes
Preventing Water Damage

Water damage in modern modular homes can cause serious structural damages to the house. This means that you will have to spend a huge portion of your savings to repair or fix the issue. However, adopting the necessary steps to protect your home against water damage and mold will help you to stay away from this difficult scenario.

Most of the newly built modular homes are designed in such a way that they are capable of withstanding water damages. However, several experienced modular home manufacturers in the country still advise their customers to conduct a regular inspection of their house to check for water damages. Below are three simple yet efficient tips that will help you protect your modular home from water damage.

Inspect Faucets and Hoses

You should seek the help of an experienced local contractor or a modular home manufacturer and ask them to systematically check the faucets and hoses of your house for wear or crack. Local contractors will easily spot the damages in these parts and turn the water main off to dry the spot before changing the piping or the hose. It is wiser to replace the hoses of your modular home at least once every five years even if there are no issues or problems because it will significantly eliminate the chances of water damage.

Shower Caulking

Make sure to thoroughly inspect the caulking in the bathtubs and showers of your home. You will also have to ensure that all the seals are tight and no water is left behind. You should take note of the fact that water collection can lead to mold growth, which may further result in serious health issues to the residents of the house. In addition to that, mold growth may also cause major structural damages to your home in the future.

Check your Roof

In most cases, modern modular homes can be easily repaired or fixed. However, any damaged or missing shingles that go unnoticed may result in serious issues with rain and water. This will also aggravate the rate of mold growth in your home and it will eventually destroy the roof your modular home. You can easily avoid all these expensive repairs by hiring an experienced modular home manufacturer regularly to inspect your roof.