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5 Tips to Make your Modular Home Energy Efficient During the Summer

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Summer is already here and the temperature has started to climb up over the last few days. Experts claim that the temperature level will continue to increase in the upcoming days. So, if you have a heating and cooling system in your modular home, then the electricity bills of your home might increase during the summer season.

You can prevent all these expenses by adopting a few steps to make your modular home a bit more energy efficient. Below are a few budget-friendly tips that will help you make your home a lot more energy efficient during the hot days of summer.

Dry Clothes on the Line

You can dry your washed clothes by putting up a clothing line on the exterior of your home during hot summer days. You can easily install a clothing line on your own. This will help you save the energy, which is required for running your dryer multiple times in a single week.

Shade your Home

Shady trees help people to cool off on hot summer days and the same goes for your home too. Even though any kind of shading will help you cool your house, you must prioritize shading the south faced windows of your home with an awning or trees.

Invest in a Smarter Thermostat

You will not be able to constantly adjust the thermostat at your home throughout the day, particularly when you are away from your house. So, invest in a smart thermostat, as it will automatically adjust the temperature in your home when there is rise or drop in outside temperature. Most of the smart thermostat devices used in modern modular homes are cheap and easy to install.

Upgrade your Windows

One of the major energy drains in most of the older modular homes are windows, which is the reason why all of the modern modular homes contains Low-E windows. So, replace the windows of your modular home with newly designed Low-E windows, as it will significantly cut down your heating and cooling bills.

Turn Off your Air Conditioner at Night

Several homeowners do not turn off their air conditioners during the night, which is not a good idea. Turn off your AC system in the cold nights and open all the windows of your home, as it will permit the entry of cool air into your modular home, besides saving a lot of energy costs.