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Choosing a Builder for your Modular Home

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Constructing modern modular homes involves intricate planning. Although modular home prices are set earlier and most of the construction work occurs inside a factory, one wouldn’t want to take anything for granted. Make sure you keep a note of everything from the start to avoid confusion when builders come around for the finishing work. Here is how you should be choosing the best builder from the open market.

Count on Experience

To know how experienced your builders are, ask the insurance company. It is worth paying more for a builder having a reputation, but that wouldn’t be the only criteria to consider. Some may have more knowledge like the indigenous builders who pool on local projects. Ask three probing questions to measure their experience:

  • How long have you been into the industry?
  • How many projects do you undertake year on year?
  • What types of project do you undertake?

Rely on Customer Support

Local builders would be able to reach fast once a pertinent problem starts to get worse. Customer support is necessary, for modern modular homes incur customization from time to time. What if you feel like adding a front porch after one year since moving in? That is when you should be having personal contact numbers of after sales people. Further, blindly following testimonials may prove to be foolhardy in time, instead ask the customer support desk to give contacts of previous clients.

Ensure Timely Warranty

The modern modular homes have many accessories inside even as modular home prices take into account warranty, which is either implied or made explicit. Builders are vital cogs in after sales, and warranty, in particular, should be dealt with separately compared to customer support. Before investing in a particular builder, ask them what type of service areas are covered during the warranty period. Getting a promise on just the home itself would be quite a giant leap of faith.

In addition to these, it would be great if you can find time to gauge the reputation of the local builder yourselves. Ask around your neighborhood at least, and if possible go and meet your local authorities to know more details.