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One of the major reasons why people choose modular homes over other housing options is that they offer cost and time savings. However, if you are planning to buy a new modular home, then you should have a good understanding of the construction process of modular homes.

So, consult with your modular home manufacturer and clear all your doubts about modular homes before building one. However, many manufactured homeowners make some serious mistakes while building modular homes. Some of the common mistakes made by modular homebuyers are as follows.

Skipping the Extra Bathroom

The first mistake made by modular homeowners is that they choose an inaccurate or wrong floor plan for their homes. Many of them proceed with the assumption that they will only need a single bathroom for the housing structure. However, if you are planning to build a single bathroom for modular homes, then what will you do when your family grows?

Moreover, many potential modular homebuyers look for homes with multiple bathrooms. This means that if you are planning to sell your house, then having multiple bathrooms will certainly attract more homebuyers.

Choosing Slab Foundation

Most of the modular home in the US have basements. The homeowners use it for storage purposes and for extra living space. If you are a smart person, then you will certainly build a basement rather than building a simple slab foundation. This is because building a basement will increase the amount of space in your modular home.

In addition to that, if your modular home is the only house in your neighborhood with a basement, then homebuyers will certainly choose to buy your property. So, ask your local modular homebuilder to include a basement when calculating the modular home prices.

Using Standard Energy Efficiency

When you look at the cost of building a new modular home, you may assume that it will be wiser to skip energy efficient options. You may instead spend this money on flooring or kitchen upgrades because they will increase the resale value of your home.

Even though that is a valid point, installing the energy upgrades after moving to modular homes is a difficult task. On the other hand, it is pretty much easier to do the flooring and kitchen upgrades even after moving to your home. So, make sure to incorporate the energy efficient upgrades first, as they will help you to cut down the heating and electricity costs of your home.