Modern Modular Homes

Extra Additions to Enhance the Value of Modular Homes

Modern Modular Homes
Enhance the Value of Modular Homes

Most modular home manufacturers offer many of the standard inclusions in the completed home, which can then be readily moved in for accommodation. This ready to move in option is one of the greatest advantages when owning a modular home. However, it also comes with numerous other advantages like the addition of many items that can improve the look and living experience. These are done via major upgrades to the home that includes the outdoor living spaces, sustainability, carports, and garages.

The most significant impact of such extra additions is the resale value of the modular home. It has other benefits like lifestyle upgrading, cost saving, and more importantly, the overall looks of the home as well, but the resale value factor is particularly relevant, since it ensures the significance of the home in the future also, and that would be highly beneficial for the homeowner. The following are some of the extra additions that can enhance the value of your modular home.

Outdoor Living Spaces

Outdoor living spaces are the perfect additions that will significantly boost the overall value and character of your modular home. Verandahs or decks are some of the ways to extend the outdoor living spaces of your modular home. Such spaces are the ideal location to spend time for recreation and entertainment with the members of the family.

Selecting a type of outdoor space that you wish to create is dependent on a few factors though. This includes the available land, budget, as well as the climatic conditions of the location. Many manufacturers offer a range of verandah and deck designs that are suitable for your home. When selecting the designs, it is best to hire the services of a professional designer to effectively blend your home with the outdoor additions.


The inclusion of sustainable features into the modular home makes it highly energy efficient, while also making it future ready. It enhances the energy ratings of the home, thereby boosting the resale value in the process.

Sustainable features like good insulation, double glazed windows, LED lighting, as well as alternate energy sources like solar, are the best additions that can aid in saving energy. Sustainable features are sought over by many buyers and having such options installed in your home offers an added advantage in the resale process.

Carports and Garages

The addition of carports and garages is a great way to increase the value of your home, as prospective buyers increasingly favor such additions. They can be attached to your house or left freestanding anywhere in the property. Here too, seeking the help of a professional designer would be quite beneficial.