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Factors to Consider in Selecting a Modular Home Site

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Modular Home Site Selection Tips

Determining the ideal site for building your module home is a crucial step when owning one. It is highly important when planning and constructing your new home. Selecting the location site determines the type of construction employed for modular home building. However, there are certain considerations to be taken care of when finding a location for building the modular home.


The building site accessibility is one of the major things to consider when choosing a location for your modular home. Selecting a site within the proximity of important home utilities is crucial. For electrical connection, closeness of the location of a nearby electrical line is preferred, as it makes the process a whole lot easier and inexpensive.

Nearness to electricity lines have the advantages of using less wiring to connect your home, which can further cut the costs and labor involved. Getting help from your nearby electrical company representative is beneficial, since it would provide many of the helpful recommendations that are needed for selecting a building site.


Elevation remains the second priority when considering a possible location for your modular home. It is recommended to choose a higher ground for the need of a proper drainage system. Avoid choosing low-lying areas, as it can cause water stagnation around in case or rainfall, which can dampen your home.

The property of the soil in the location also needs close consideration. Sandy or clay soil is inappropriate for modular homes and requires the construction of additional solid foundations. This can add to the overall costs involved in the construction process. A good soil helps in installing the drainage systems effectively.

Sewer System

Sewer system is the other main factor to consider when selecting the appropriate location site for your modular home. This comes to two: city and countryside sewer systems. The cities have higher installation rates and come along with other additional costs. In countryside locations, sewer systems are not readily available like those in a city. It is much harder to install a sewer system in such locations and building one requires the land to undergo a perk test.

The perk test determines the type of soil found in your preferred home site. Installing the sewer system varies depending upon the type of soil in the location. For clay soil, the sewer needs is specially constructed as a mound system, which comes with an increase in the costs involved.