Final Planning Checklist to Consider While Building Modular Homes

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Modern Modular Homes
Building Modular Homes

The most crucial aspect of the modular home planning process is the preparation of the final checklist. Before starting out the actual home building process, it is highly necessary to consult with the general contractor and the manufacturer for every aspect of the home building process. This is important since it will be hard to make any changes once the home is built. Below is some of the most important planning checklist to consider while building modern modular homes.

Floor Plan

One of the major aspects of the home building process is in determining the accuracy of the preconceived floor plans. Consider the direction that the home is facing and make sure that it oriented in the right direction that you wanted. Facing the home to the south is ideal if you have opted for numerous large windows for letting in the daylight into the interiors of the home.

This is important because it can become quite expensive, and involves tedious labor for shipping the modules back into the factory and preparation of the new foundation. In addition, verify that all of the allocated windows are swinging in the intended direction and check whether they are of the right style, framing, and glass that you intend.

Electrical Plan

Verifying the electrical plans is of utmost importance before building modern modular homes. Check whether there are sufficiently allocated outlets for each of the living spaces inside the home. This includes allocating the right amount of wiring required for security and home entertainment systems. Make sure that the there is sufficient overhead wiring if you are considering to install concealed lighting and smoke detectors across the home.

In addition, verify that the electrical panel box is placed in a location that is more convenient for the power company technicians in taking out readouts. This is more important since improper placement of the panel box can cause the power company officials to demand a relocation, which will incur significant costs and labor later.

HVAC Systems

In modern modular homes, the proper placement and allocation of the HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) systems are essential. Verify that sufficient vents are allocated for each of the rooms including the bathroom. In addition, it is best to divide the HVAC system inside the home into various zones. This will enable the heating and cooling of only the required selected spaces such as bedrooms and living rooms thereby saving energy and utility bills each month.