Modern Modular Homes

Four Ways to Spend on a Prefab Home Style

Modern Modular Homes
Modular Home Types

Prefab home styles are prominent everywhere America, and even the age-old styles colonial-type prefabs featuring a ranch up-front, a patio door, and a roof pitch are in great demand today. Below list is a compilation of the most common modern modular homes styles preferred by descendants of the Millennials era.

The Cape Cod-Style Prefab

A style that is common in frozen and landfill-prone areas of the United States, Cape Cod prefabs continue the trend of energy efficiency, winterizing, and weatherizing the home. It is said that the steep rooflines and roof overhangs distinguish this style of dwellings from other prefab home types. Further, occupants make sure they insulate the attic and the roof to prevent icicles in the fall season.

The Ranch-Style Prefab

One storied ranch-style home has plenty of square footage than one would think. Major style trend in the Southern American neighborhoods, these colonial style homes are feature-rich and have affordable modules. This type of modern modular homes also tends to have a driveway up-front with paved concrete and a garage underneath the home so that a car could be driven through easily.

The Chalet-Style Homes

One to one and a half storied homes have a rustic overall appeal in Chalet-Style prefab, even as they often look taller than most two-story prefabs. The chalet-style bungalows, on the other hand, do not use the attic but feature giant windows high ceilings and a sloped roof pitch as standard prefab homes do. This style of prefab gives affordable ways to spend for a homeowner.

Modern Modular Homes

Modern prefabs are designed by designers in Computer Aided Design software, and some of them even feature the “LEGO bricks” as the module. Modern modular homes lend a purpose to occupants and manufacturers alike in prefab housing with a set of unique features built in a climate-controlled factory only.

If you are planning to build a prefab home with customizations, contact licensed green home builders today for getting the most out of your modular home. Unlike a traditional stick-built home that is constructed on site, modern modular homes contractors anchor the modules to the ground with compliance to the HUD codes. A prefab offers a million ways to spend for the Millennials as well as people in the twenty-first century America.