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Heating and Cooling Systems for Modern Modular Homes

Modern Modular Homes
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If you are considering modern modular homes as an option to build your dream home, then you will have to consider the different heating and cooling options available for modular homes. Many people think about the heating and cooling options only after starting the construction of the home. However, you need to choose the heating and cooling option for your home before the construction, as it will have a big impact on the quality of living and the costs to build the house.

There are mainly three options available in modular home heating and cooling – Wood Heaters, Split Systems, and Ducted Systems. Let us look into the three options in brief below.

Wood Heaters

This is the popular choice of modular homeowners in rural areas, as there will be a good supply of wood in the countryside areas. It is true that the wood heaters cannot be used to heat the complete home, but can be a great addition to your modular home. The area can act as a good talking point in your home that offers radiant and comfortable heat.

The downsides of this heating option are high costs and inefficiency to heat up the complete home. Besides, wood heaters can be used to heat only one room of the house and are practical in homes that are located in areas with a ready supply of wood.

Split Systems

Split systems have become the popular heating and cooling choice of modern modular homes. It is reported that more than seventy-five percent of the modular homeowners opt for split systems for heating and cooling, as it is relatively cheap to install.

The latest split systems available in the market are very energy efficient and can help you a lot to save on heating and cooling costs, as these systems make use of inverter technology. Moreover, split systems can be used to heat or cool the entire home because it makes use of reverse cycles.

Ducted Systems

This is the most expensive among the three options and is ideal for large modular homes with four or five bedrooms. Ducted systems are installed outside the house and so they will not take up the valuable space in your modular home.

Ducted systems are relatively quiet but do cost much more than the other popular options. This system is ideal to heat or cool all the rooms of the house efficiently and can be managed from a central control panel. Some of the ducted systems also offer preheating the house before you wake up in the morning.