Modern Modular Homes

Helpful Tips for Creating Storage Spaces in Modern Modular Homes

Modern Modular Homes
Creating Storage Spaces

One of the unique advantages of living in a modular home is the sheer amount of customizations that it offers. Modern modular homes come with an updated set of features that offers convenient living along with the ability to store the home items effectively. However, over time, the amount of things in a home will increase that will surpass the initial storage capacity of the home. Homeowners will resort to storing the things in available spaces, which can result in the decrease of available floor space while also affecting free movement inside the home.

There are numerous innovative ways to enhance the organizational potential of a small modular home to resolve the issue of insufficient storage space. By utilizing these solutions, it is possible to considerably increase the storage spaces in modular prefab homes. Below are some helpful tips from modular home manufacturers for creating storage spaces in a small modular home.

Shoe and Magazine Racks

Besides its function of storing footwear in an organized manner, shoe and magazine racks have other uses like storing other items of the home such as collectibles, newspapers, etc. For creating additional storage spaces in the kitchen, one can alter the available small storage systems like utensil holder to accommodate a number of items.

Using a fabric shoe rack is preferred for the kitchen and it will add to the overall look of the interiors. This can be used for storing utensils, crockery ware, cleaning supplies, and other kitchen equipment that do not fit in the cabinets.

Bed Risers

The underside of beds is another ideal storage space for keeping many large things used in the home. For beds that are too low to store things under, it is better to use bed risers. Bed risers are deployed across the four legs of a bed and raise the height, thereby enabling sufficient space for storage.

This will provide ample space to store many of the larger items in a home such as cartons, decorative items, suitcases, and items that are not occasionally used. Confining to such non-essential things under the bed will help in freeing up the floor space in the interiors of the home.

Dead Spaces

A modular home consists of many dead spaces in its interiors like refrigerator tops and the underneath of kitchen cabinets. Utilizing these spaces is another best way to store many of the things in the home. Using a decorative basket to keep food items atop the refrigerator and adding hooks the kitchen cabinet underside will definitely open up more space for storing essential items.