How to Install Window Trims in Modern Modular Homes

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Modern Modular Homes
Installing Window Trims

Window trims are necessary for modular homes as they help in temperature regulation and can help to cut down the heating and cooling charges. Almost all the modern modular homes features window trims. If you live in an old modular home though, its windows might not have window trims. However, you can install window trims on your own if you follow the easy steps that shared in this post.

Wrap around style is the most common one that is followed to install window trims. The method consists of installing identical trim pieces on all the sides of the window. This style can be used in small rooms, as it does not have any bulky trim pieces protruding out. Here is how to proceed.


You will need to measure the top of the window frame from the inside edge and add a quarter inch more to the measurement. This will help you to make a reveal of 1/8 inches on both the sides of the window. You will be able to find the appropriate trim in your local home improvement store.

Make sure that you also have images of the windows together with the measurements. This will make it easy for you to select an appropriate trim style depending on the style of your home window.

Angle Trim

You can use a miter saw to cut one end of the trim at an angle of forty-five degrees. Keeping this cut as a reference, you can mark all the other areas of the trim that you need to cut. You can use the miter saw to cut the trim appropriately along the marks.

After cutting the pieces, you can hold them around the window to make sure that the reveal is proper. If everything is okay, you can repeat the process for the other windows too.

Nail In Place

Starting from the top side of the window, secure and level each piece of the trim with finishing nails. Do not drive in many screws, as you may need to remove them to rectify positioning issues of the trim. After putting all the pieces in place and ensuring that all the pieces are level, you can drive a nail on the outside and inside edge of the face for every eight or twelve inches of the trim.

These are the simple steps to install window trims on your modular home. If you have any doubts in the steps, you can seek professional assistance to finish the job.