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A modular home manufacturer might be building your modular home in a factory that is located somewhere near the installation location of the home, which is your land. As you will have little to no control over the home building process, so you need to focus on the land to prepare it for the delivery of your dream home. The tips that are shared below will help you to prepare the site.

Mark the Boundaries

You need to seek the service of a surveyor to mark the boundaries of your land with flags. This will allow your general contractor and the employees to know where they can work. You may need portable toilets on your site and your neighbors will not be happy if your general contractor places them on their land.

The flags will also help bring up any disputes in boundary that you might have with your neighbors. This will help you to clear up the disputes before your general contractor start assembling and building your modular home.

Clearing and Leveling the Site

After marking the boundaries, you need to clear and level the land to dig the foundation to place the modular home. Depending on the type of clearing and leveling needed, your general contractor may or may not allow you to do this work to help save on labor charges. Besides, most of the clearing and leveling works are needed to be done by professionals.

The site should be cleared from trees, stumps, and large rocks, and the ground should be leveled properly before setting up the foundation for the modular home.

Pouring the Foundation

After clearing the land, the workers will dig a hole in the ground for foundation and pour concrete for the foundation. This is a point of no return, as it will be very much expensive for you to make any changes in plan or the site after this point. It will be best if you can be on the site for the process of foundation pouring, as it is a very important step in building your home.

Make a note to have the blueprints of the home at hand, so you can ensure what the framework should look like before pouring the concrete to the hole for the foundation. After performing the above steps, you need to prepare the site for the delivery of the home. Find a place to unload the modules of the home before the modules can be lifted by a crane to fit them in place.