Modern Modular Homes

Seasonal Maintenance Tasks for Modern Modular Homes

Modern Modular Homes
Seasonal Maintenance Tasks

Modern modular homes have become the favored living option for many. The best modular homes available today offer a range of benefits than conventional homes, which is one of the key reasons for its increasing demand in the housing market. Numerous modular home manufacturers have come up with an increasing array of home designs that caters to the housing needs of any individual. What’s more, building such modular home costs much lower when compared to constructing a traditional site-built home. In addition to their economical value, modular homes come handy with numerous positive traits like enhanced energy efficiency, durability, and varied customization options.

Living in modern modular homes is significantly different from that of a conventional house. A small modular home provides superior living experience and savings that will be immensely benefiting for the homeowner at the end of the day. However, even the best modular homes are subjected to all the wear and tear over time just like a conventional home. This can adversely affect the efficiency offered by the home thereby significantly lowering the quality of living. This is why conducting appropriate maintenance of modern modular homes on a periodic basis is so important.

In fact, regular upkeep and maintenance is the best way to ensure that the efficiency and functionality offered by the home remains top-notch. However, such maintenance works on a small modular home needs to be undertaken carefully in accordance with the changing seasons.

The maintenance works required for modern modular homes varies with the different seasons. Moreover, while undertaking such home maintenance tasks, the prevailing weather conditions of different seasons must also be taken into account. Described below are some of the key seasonal maintenance tasks that are needed on modern modular homes.


Furnace Filters

The furnace is a key component involved in heating the interiors of modern modular homes. Inside the furnace, the filters act as the critical unit to keep out the dust particles during the intake of air. However, due to the constant flow of air, dust will get accumulated in the filter and that can result in reduced intake of air. This can significantly lower the heating efficiency of the system while also increasing the overall modular home costs.

Most modular home manufacturers recommend replacing the furnace filters after a period of thirty days. It costs only a few dollars, but saves you a lot of money that you might have needed to spend for the future serious repairs of the heating unit.

Window Insulation

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Window Insulation In Modular Home

Modular home manufacturers provide all the necessary guidelines concerning window insulation during the winter season. This is particularly important, as doing so will enable effective insulation of the windows and that will enhance the efficiency of the heating systems in your home. It would also assist in significantly lowering the overall modular home prices associated with energy usage. So make sure to use double or triple paned windows and consider adding extra insulation by using a clear insulation tape.

Ice Buildup

Even the best modular homes have to bear with ice buildup on the roofs during the winter season. Allowing the ice buildup to remain on the roof can cause extensive damage to the roofing material as well as the drains. So you need to carefully remove the ice accumulated on the roof and clear them off any remaining snow.

Bottom Perimeter Enclosure

Checking the bottom perimeter enclosure is particularly important in a small modular home that has a crawlspace. This is also applicable for home with a full basement area. Failure to checking the bottom perimeter can result in cold air and other elements to enter into the underside of the modular home, which can then adversely affect the efficiency of the heating unit.


Ventilation Systems

Most modular home manufacturers offer a good network of ventilation systems to their best modular homes. However, you need to check the ventilation systems regularly to find out if the air is flowing freely across the vents, specifically in the bathroom and kitchen area. In springtime, the air is warmer, which can cause the buildup of molds inside. To compensate this, you need to ensure free movement and filtering of air inside your small modular home.

Roof Inspection

One of the most crucial maintenance works to be undertaken in a small modular home during the spring is the inspection and clearing the roof. The accumulation of ice and other debris can cause significant damage to the roof and shingles of even the best modular homes. So you need to check for any broken shingles and replace them quickly to prevent any further damages.

Floor Leveling

Even for the best modular homes, the winter season can result in the contraction or expansion of the wood. Note that the floor can take some time to settle in when purchasing new modular homes for sale. Inspect the flooring to determine whether the wood has undergone any alterations.

Ground Level

After winter, the ground around most modern modular homes can get unleveled. To rectify this issue, do a major rework of the ground around the home, but make sure to carry out the work in a way that it slopes away from your small modular home.


Air Conditioning Unit

While browsing through the modular homes for sale during summer, it is imperative to inspect the working of the air conditioning unit in the home. During the winter, the air conditioner will remain inactive for a long period, which can cause slight malfunctioning and lack of good cooling. So inspect the filters and make sure they are clean and free of any accumulated dust. This will also help in maintaining the energy efficiency of the home, which will significantly reduce the overall modular home costs involved in the cooling of the home.

Smoke Detectors

All modular home manufacturers issue some basic guidelines related to the safety standards in a small modular home. This includes having good fire safety measures in place, which is of paramount importance during the summer season. The increasing temperatures in the atmosphere can instigate fires in the interior as well as the exteriors of even the best modular homes and conventional site-built homes. Due to this, it is important to frequently check whether the smoke detectors and carbon monoxide alarms installed in your modular home are working properly. If not, consider replacing the entire unit or get in touch with your modular home manufacturers to have it repaired by a qualified professional.



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Air Conditioning Unit

It is vital to keep the furnace in good condition during the fall season. The best modular homes rely on modern furnace systems that provide excellent heating. However, such systems also require frequent inspection and maintenance to remain in excellent working condition. You need to clean the filter and its components for ensuring effective heating, and this will in turn help you in reducing the modular home costs of energy usage.

Gutters and Storm Drains

Inspect the gutters and storm drains of your modular home to find out whether it is clogged. Leaves and twigs can occasionally accumulate in the gutters that will obstruct the water flow. Clear them of all such debris to enable the free flow of water downwards from the roof. This will prevent water buildup on the roof, which is particularly good if the homeowner insists on putting their modular homes or sale.

Water and Sewer Pipes

The plumbing system that includes the water and sewer pipes is prone to damage during the fall season in small modular homes. Small cracks that appear on the surface can cause leakages that will eventually lead to the bursting of the entire pipe. Most of the modular home manufacturers may not cover any issues related to water damage, so you need to replace such weakened sections of the pipe with a newer one with the help of a plumber.