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What is the Cost to Built a Modular Home

Modern Modular Homes
Modular Home Budget

Different sources may offer you different answers when you enquire about the cost to build a modular home. Some of the modern modular homes manufacturing companies may tell you that they can build you a home for as low as thirty-five dollars per square feet, but you should understand that this is just the base price.

While considering the modular home prices, a few specific terms are used to understand and differentiate the cost that is being referred. So, while enquiring about modular home costs, make sure that you ask definite questions to understand the price that is being discussed.

The information provided here are estimates that are based on the currently available data and the actual costs can differ depending on what and where you are building the home. The various costs related to building a modular home are discussed below.

Base Price

This price only includes the cost to manufacture the modules for the home plan that you have selected. In this base price, no customization or alterations will not be allowed. Some of the modern modular home manufacturers will reduce the base price artificially by listing spaces like unfinished attic as part of the complete square foot area. Although it is possible for you to turn that area into a livable space, that cost will not be included in the base price.

Custom Price

This is the price to setup the modular home with appropriate finishes and upgrades that you have opted for. The upgrade can be the presence of separate structure like a garage. This price still only includes the price for the material and the work done by the manufacturer at the factory.

Delivered Price

A modern modular home manufacturer may tell you “You’re looking at around $200,000 to have the home built and set up.” This price may or may not include the cost to deliver the home building modules to the site and the cost can vary considerably depending on the distance of the build site from the factory.

Finished Price

This includes all the above prices together with the cost for site preparation, making the foundation, buttoning up the modules, and other site works like constructing garages and porches. As all these aspects are controlled and handled by your contractor or builder, the finished price is much dependent on the price that your builder quotes you.

All-In Price

This is the total cost to build your modular home. This include all the previous prices together with the cost to connect utilities, site work, landscaping, paving, permits, fees and taxes, etc. However, it will be much difficult to calculate the all-in price without research into the specific case.