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Why Modern Modular Homes Need Metal Roofs

Modern Modular Homes
Modular Home Roofing

Metal roofs are an attractive addition to most modern modular homes. They come in a wide variety of designs and colors, meaning that you will be able to find the perfect metal roof for your newly built or purchased modular home easily.

One of the major advantages of choosing metal roofs over other types of roofs is that you can easily make them resemble shingles, wood shake, clay tiles or slate. This will bring a fresh and attractive look to most modular homes and it may even increase the resale value of these houses. Here are a few more reasons why modular homeowners should choose metal roofing.

Strong and Durable

Metal roofs are particularly popular in regions that receive high snowfall. This is because metal roofs are strong and they easily shed snow and ice than the other types of roofs. In addition, they are also capable of withstanding severe weather conditions such as wildfires, high winds, and storms.

The average life of most non-metal roofs is estimated to be less than 20 years whereas the life of the metal roofing is estimated to be in between 30 to 50 years. This implies that metal roofs will last twice as long as non-metal roofs.


If you are planning to build green modular homes, then it is highly recommended to choose metal roofs. This is because most of the metal roofs are made from 30-60 percent recycled materials. In addition, you will be able to recycle these materials when you are replacing the metal roofs in future.

Metal roofs have less impact on the environment when compared to other roofing options like asphalt shingle sheets. You can also install metal roofing over the existing roof of your home at a cheap price.

Energy Efficient

Choosing a metal roof will help you cut down the energy costs of your modern modular home significantly. A metal roof will retain heat during winter and will reflect the heat during summer to reduce the energy charges.

Most metal roofs incorporate reflective pigment technology, which results in lower utility bills and increase in overall home energy efficiency. In addition to that, it will also help you to enhance the resale value of the modular home.