Modern Modular Homes

Why Modular Homes are More Sustainable

Modern Modular Homes
Sustainable Modular Homes

It is a widely accepted fact that modular housing has the ability to significantly reduce overall construction activities. In addition to that, most of the modular homes are also affordable and less time consuming to build when compared to conventional site-built home. However, many prospective homebuyers fail to note the fact that modular construction is a lot more sustainable than traditional construction methods.

Modular home manufacturers make efforts to include green features like solar panels, geothermal systems, triple glaze window, and LED lighting, while building the house. These added features will make the home a lot more energy efficient and eco-friendly. Below are a few reasons that will explain why modular home construction is more sustainable than other types of construction.

Modular Homes are Built in Controlled Environments

All modular homes are constructed within a factory-like setting under controlled climatic conditions. This implies that a major portion of building works is simultaneously completed, which in turn, reduces the building process from the outset.

Homebuyers will have to do a number of minute finishing works after transporting the house to their site and assembling it. Yet, off-site construction is approximately 50 percent faster than traditional construction process. The construction of a modular home can be even completed within a month.

Modular Homes are Recyclable

Many types of researches and studies conducted by experts have revealed that offsite construction of homes reduces up to 90% of waste generated than traditional construction methods. Some of the modular homes in the country are now built with recyclable materials such as recycled wood, recycled steel, and recycled glass.

It is true that not all parts of your modular home can be built with recycled materials although all of them can be reused repeatedly. This will also increase the value of your modular home.

Offsite Construction Requires Less Energy

Offsite home building process requires approximately 67% less energy than traditional home building projects. In addition to that, most of the modular homes are energy-efficient and stay that way for life. The installation of a few sustainable energy-saving systems will further help to cut down the heating and cooling costs in your modular home.