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Preliminary Steps to Place Prefab Garages Underground

Modular Home Manufacturers
Underground Prefab Garages

A garage underneath the modular home would provide underground storage options to a homeowner. Most of the modular home manufacturers recommend placing barn door on block garages, whereas some go for sliding garage doors. Below are some preliminary steps to begin setting the block garage underneath the modular home on your own.

Lay Out the Block

You can use wooden stakes to clearly fence the garage perimeter and frame the garage subsequently using 2 x 6 form boards. Place wooden stakes in all the four corners where you are intending to place the garage and dig the dirt in between the stakes by at least six inches or so to fit the garage framework together.

Nail the Foam Boards

Try nailing around the 2 x 6 form board fence by using double head nails, so that you can place the garage structure at a ground level on concrete. Once the garage doors are evenly leveled, you can simply remove the double head nails from the foam board fence. Proceed to the subsequent steps only after you have leveled the fence to the flat concrete surface.

Dig Out the Footings

Dig out the earth by 1 foot wide and 18 inches deep in and around the fence to place rebar on laid concrete. The base withstands the entire structural elements of block garage, just the way as reinforced steel or rebar withstands a concrete slab. A footing defines the garage and it is innermost part that should be concrete, without which, reinforced steel cannot be placed underneath.

Purchase Rebar Railings

Rebar railings are ideal for building a staircase underneath the modular home and giving an easy access to the home through underground portion. You can purchase rebar from a hardware store nearby before garage additions.

Place the Garage on Horizontal Rails

Run through reinforced steel horizontally along the footings, and attach rebar rod vertically around the footings. Leave some clearance of up to four inches or so as crawlspace under the garage. Tie the garage blockage with the wires, and place the sanded vapor barrier around the garage fence. The vapor barrier prevents mildew underneath, and after all these preps, you can place the block garage underneath the home.