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Ways to Make your Modular Home Self Sufficient

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Building Self-sufficient Modular Homes

Achieving self-sufficiency in living is an excellent way to conserve the environment. Habitat options like modular homes are a great place to start for self-sufficient living, due to their many advantages over traditional housing. Along with eco friendliness, self-sufficient modular homes allow for total independence from relying on conventional energy sources like electricity and water, as that is supplanted by alternative energy sources such as solar, wind power, etc.

When making a modular home self-sufficient, it is necessary that the primary needs be met duly like electricity, heating, water, and waste disposal. For average modular homeowners, the same techniques of self-sufficiency used in traditional homes are applicable. The following are some of the methods in building a self-sufficient modular home.


Solar panels are the first option to consider in attaining self-sufficiency in mobile homes. These panels are easily attachable on the roof of your home or any area that gets ample sunlight. Numerous companies offer complete solutions in generating electricity from solar power, along with the installation works. Many advanced models are also available like computer-controlled panels that align automatically according to the position of the sun.

Wind energy is the other best alternative source for electricity generation in modular homes. Installing a small wind turbine in the home will generate between 1000 and 2000 kilowatts of electricity per hour. Larger models of the turbines are also available that can generate over 10,000 kilowatts of electricity, but they are much costlier.

Heating and Cooling

Applying self-sufficiency to your modular homes involves using efficient methods in heating and cooling. Good insulation of the windows and doors ensures that the heating and cooling process are at their highest efficiency. Using double or triple paned windows is a great way to provide the perfect insulation to your homes.

Installing HVAC systems is another good way to ensure heating and cooling of your modular home interior. However, it is recommended to limit the usage of these systems to save the energy consumed.


Self-sufficiency in the most important resource, fresh water, can be attained by digging a well in your home premises. This is a fairly better alternative than relying on water supplies from the local bodies or municipality. A well is a good source of fresh water and provides sufficient quantities of water for all the needs of your home.

Waste Disposal

Investing in a proper waste disposal system like a good septic tank is crucial. They are common and inexpensive to install, which will help in safely dispersing all the wastage from your home.