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What it Means to Buy a Prefab on a Property

Modular Home Prices
Prefab Modular Home Cost

Assembling a new home can be fun for a manufacturer, but before finding a prefab having custom modules, one tends to check the modular homes prices too. Below is the price breakdown of a modular home, as to what contributes to the making of a prefab on a property.

Base Price and Beyond

Modular home prices usually include sales tax spent on modules and interior/exterior finishing works. However, you do need to check the custom modules and the respective price of a designer-built prefab. Designer pre manufactured homes have custom modules and some tend to have a trendy interior as well as exterior. If you want solar panels outside the home, it comes at a separate price.

The Foundation Cost

A poured foundation having an eight-feet wall, structured insulation panels, and a set of stairs is required to make a ranch-style modular home. Foundation can be of two types; either a basement or a crawlspace. A basement relies on the modular home foundation. If you go for the crawlspace, it provides shelter underneath and can be used as a storage space during winter in particular.

Separate HVAC System Costs

All types of factory-made dwellings require heating and air condition systems that work seamlessly. An HVAC system not only has the main components but also has air ducts and gas lines, which may be placed beneath the modular home. The HVAC is also priced differently to the modular home prices by some dealers.

The Building Permit

It is said that the permit costs vary depending on the property location of a prefab home. The permits tend to fluctuate from the extreme lows to the highs based on the surface and the area where your prefab home is. Much like a stick-built home, the modular home prices is inclusive of the permit fees. Further, if you put a driveway at the front house your permit fees may be higher.

The Sewage System Costs

If you reside in a coastal area, for instance, a substandard leach system may not work properly. In that case, you would have to employ the sewage system. Again, what determines the sewage is the type of soil and the home location.